Trusted Corporate Role Salaried Work & Residence Permit


  1. Analysis of case – Our specialised lawyers will analyse individually the case and will comment on the most important aspects concerning this type of residency, in particular to do with the gathering of the documentation.
  2. Preparation of case - Once the necessary documentation has been gathered, the file will be submitted in the Foreigners Department of the province of the company address.
  3. The Foreigners Department will analyse the paperwork submitted by the company (employer) in order to verify if the legal requisited have been complied with.
  4. File follow-up and tracking - Immigration lawyers from Lawbird are in touch with the Spanish immigration authorities to make sure the file is acted upon and to maximise a successful outcome.
  5. Application decision - Our office will advise as soon as the application is decided upon.
  6. Grant of visa - On succesful outcome of the application the applicant must request a visa in the Consulate, within 1 month from approval.
  7. Travel to Spain and submission of application for residency card  Once the applicant is in Spain it is necessary to apply for the residency card, within one month from arrival.
  8. Collection of residency card - Within 4 weeks from application.

Duration of Process

The duration of the process typically ranges between 4 and 7 months, depending the volume of work of the provincial authorities and the time of the year.

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