Transnational Salaried Work & Residence Permit


  • Case analysis - Our Immigration Consultants, with qualification in Spanish law, and specialized in Spanish immigration will analyze each particular case, to ensure that the chances of approval are maximized.
  • Documentation Gathering

    The following will be needed:

    • 2 Photographs
    • Passport copy with a minimum of 1 year validity
    • Documents proving that the foreign worker is qualified to carry out the job, when required, prior homologation.
    • Document identifying the company transferring the foreign worker and its fiscal domicile.
    • Official certificate issued by the appropriate Government office of the country of origin proving that the foreign worker is covered by Social Security, in the event that an international convention on social security exists. If there is no such international convention, the official document naming the company representative, transferring the foreign worker, responsible for social security compliance.
    • If the transfer is between a company and a affiliated company, you will have to provide copy of the contract between the two companies.
    • If the transfer is between a company and it's subsidiary, you will have to provide the deeds or a public document proving that the companies form part of the same group.
    • If the transfer is between a company and one of its branch offices, you will have to provide documents proving the nature of this relationship.

Note: All these documents need to be translated into Spanish, and legalized by the Spanish consulate. Also, 2 copies will be needed for each original document

  • Residency and Work Permit Application submission in the immigration office (´Subdelegación del Gobierno´) of the province where the work is to be carried out or alternatively in the Spanish Consulate of the country where the foreign worker is a resident.
  • If the paperwork is submitted by the Consulate, the immigration officer will decide on the convenience of having an interview with the applicant/s, to determine the purpose of the application and to ensure that the applicant understands what are his rights and obligations, and that they comply with the all the requirements. This can also take place on application of the visa once the permit has been obtained.
  • If the paperwork is submitted in the Consulate, the file will be sent to the immigration office of the province in which they are going to reside.
  • File follow-up and tracking - Immigration lawyers from Lawbird are in touch with the Spanish immigration authorities to make sure the file is acted upon.
  • Official decision - Once the decision has been taken we will notify either the applicant company or the foreign worker, or both.
  • Visa application and Passport sealing – On receiving a positive response, the foreign worker will have to apply, in person, for the visa in the Consulate of his residence. If this is not possible the foreign worker will be able to designate a person to submit the application for the visa provided there are sufficient grounds to justify this (difficulties in reaching the Consulate by reason of distance or transportation, or disease or incapacity). The visa application must be done within 1 month of approval of the residency and work permit and will require a valid passport, criminal records certificate, medical certificate showing inexistence of diseases as per the International Sanitary Regulation (the Consulate will provide a list of doctors who are accredited to issue the certificate) and a copy of the residency and work permit.
  • Application for residence card - Once the applicant has travelled to Spain, the residence card will be applied for within 30 days from arrival.
  • Collection of residence card - 2-4 weeks later.


The whole procedure takes from two to six months.

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