Salaried Work and Residence Permit

In accordance to the Royal Decree 2393/2004 (Real Decreto 2393/2004 de 30 de Diciembre)  non EU citizens who wish to obtain a salaried and work residency permit may do so subject to the criteria and procedures set below.

Who has the right to apply and receive the residency permit ?

The present Royal Decree applies, whichever nationality he/she holds, to non EU citizens provided:

  • The national employment situation allows and justifies the hiring of the worker, for which every 3 months a list of jobs of difficult cover. If the employent offer is included in the list of jobs of difficult cover the application will be accepted as well as if the employer can justify, if the job profile is not included in the list, that it has not been possible to find suitable applicants for the job in the Employment Office. This office will issue a certificate to this effect.
  • That the worker is guaranteed a continuous activity during the period of validity of the authorisation to work and reside.
  • That the company requesting the worker is up to date in social security and tax obligations.
  • That the conditions listed on the job offer are equivalent to those listed in the regulations in respect of the same type of activity, professional category and area.
  • That the worker is qualified and has his qualification homologated or that he is professionally capable to perform the job.
    That the worker is not illegaly residing in Spain and that he has a clean criminal records certificate both in Spain and in his country of residency.

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Hi Roberto. We have received confirmation that the euros have been received in the UK this afternoon. May we take this opportunity of thanking both you and Antonio for your very best attention to our problem. You have handled the situation with first class professionalism and we are very grateful. Everything moved so smoothly and with much less hassle than we had anticipated at the start of the year. Thanks again and may we take the opportunity to wish you both every success in the future. .

N. & J. Whitcombe

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Tim Gibson - Director - Quidco

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