Self Employed Work and Residence Permit


Current Spanish legislation determines that all applications are to be filed in the Consulate of the country of residency of The Applicant. It is therefore necessary to assemble all the required paperwork prior to filing the application, which we recommend is done following the procedural steps explained below. These steps are to be carried out by Lawbird Inmigration and The Applicant simultaneously, in order to speed up the process.

To be arranged by The Applicant

  1. Contact Lawbird Inmigration and order the Self Employed Work & Residence Permit. On receipt of your personal details, we will email you our standard letter of instructions, signed by a senior lawyer in our office (registered in the Malaga Law School).

  2. Make payment of 70% (the rest payable at the end of the procedure) of the work and residency work permit application fees, the Company Incorporation fees (if applicable) and the provision of funds either by bank transfer or credit card.

  3. Send us the following:
    1. Three names of your choice for the purpose of applying for the company certificate name (if applicable).
    2. If you are not going to be in Spain to arrange the incorporation of the company and opening a bank account, please send us details of all shareholders if you have not done so on the application form in order to prepare a Power of Attorney to be signed at the closest Consulate or Notary Public. We will require full name (as in passport), passport number, marital status and full address. Once the power of attorney is ready, we will send it to you and the Consulate or Notary Public so that you can sign the document (by appointment).
    3. Legalised copies of your passports, which you can obtain at the Consulate by taking the original and a photocopy. You can do this together with the power of attorney. We require these to apply for your NIE numbers.
    4. Short description of the intended business activity, or business project. We will revise, translate and adjust it as required by the Immigration Authority.

  4. Apply for the Criminal Records Certificate in the appropriate government office of your country and have it translated by a certified translator or interpreter into Spanish. Once you have obtained the document please keep it.

  5. Apply for the Certificate of Health in accordance to the International Health Regulations of the World Health Organisation (WHO). You are not required to send us the document. Once you have obtained the document please keep it.

  6. Once you have received confirmation of the details of the Bank Account opened in your name, you can effect the transfer for the required sum. You will be able to liaise with the bank manager directly and apply at your discretion for debit and/or credit cards, internet banking and any other facility you require.

  7. Have 4 passport photographs taken per applicant.

  8. Submission of the documents at the Spanish Consulate. You will be required to submit all the documents to the Spanish Consulate official with whom an appointment will be arranged. Our office will post you the business project (translated), the incorporation of company deeds, the bank certificate and the N.I.E. numbers. Once you receive them, and together with the criminal records and health certificate, and the 4 photographs, you will be able to submit the application with the Spanish Consulate.

  9. Once all the paperwork has been submitted and the application form stamped, you will be provided with a number, denominated NEV (NĂºmero de Enlace de Visado). You will need to send us the number in order for us to track your application in Spain and speed up the processing of the work and residency permits.

It is important to note that Spanish immigration laws have changed recently and everybody wishing to apply for work and residence permits must do so from their home country at their local Spanish consulate, or return to their home country for a period of time to present the application.

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