Salaried Work and Residence Permit


The procedure is the following:
  1. Analysis of case – Our specialised lawyers will analyse individually the case and will comment on the most important aspects concerning this type of residency, in particular to do with the gathering of the documentation.
  2. Preparation of case : Once the necessary documentation has been gathered, the file will be submitted in the Foreigners Department of the province of domicile who will then request all necessary reports from the Tax and Social Security departments as well as from the Criminal Records Directorate.
  3. Approval of the application. In the event that the Foreigners Department determines the right to obtain the permit they will issue the approval letter and will notify it to the employer as well as, where possible, to the Consulate of residency of the applicant.
  4. Submission of the Visa application in the Consulate, within a month. The Consul may decide on the convenience of a personal interview with the applicant and will request the submission of a medical certificate in conformity with the International Sanitary Regulations, a criminal record certificate and a copy of the work and residency permit and will issue the visa, to be collected within a month from being notified.
  5. Travel to Spain and submission of application for the work and residency card : Within 3 months from obtaining the visa the applicant will have to tavel to Spain and within 1 month from arriving in Spain the applicant will have to submit, in the Police Station of the locality where he will be working, the application for the work and residency card.
  6. Before applying for the card or within one month from arrival in Spain the worker will have to register with the Social Security.

Duration of the process

The duration of the process may take up to 6 months, depending on the province of domicile, the time of the year and the volume of work of the Foreigners Department Office.

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