Non-Lucrative Residence Permit


The procedure is the following:
  • Case Analysis - Our Immigration Consultants, with qualification in Spanish law, and specialized in Spanish immigration will analyze each particular case, to ensure that the chances of approval are maximized.
  • Documentation Gathering

    The following will be needed:

    • 2 Photographs
    • Passport with a minimum of 1 year validity
    • 2 Complete Passport Copies.
    • Clean Police Certificate
    • Clean Medical certificate
    • Proof of income:
      • Letter from the company stating the earnings of the applicant
      • Bank certificate of a Spanish bank showing a minimum amount of $ 75,000 USD
      • Income tax return for the last year
    • Private purchase contract for a Spanish property, or rental agreement.
    • Spanish medical insurance policy

Note: All these documents need to be translated into Spanish, and legalized by the Spanish consulate. Also, 2 copies will be needed for each original document.

  • Application submission at the Spanish consulate.
  • The consul analyzes the file, and decides whether to have an interview with the applicant, to determine the purpose of the application and to ensure that the applicant understands what are his rights and obligations, and that they comply with the all the requirements.
  • The file is sent to Spain, to the immigration office of the province in which they are going to reside.
  • File followup and tracking - Immigration lawyers from Lawbird are in touch with the Spanish immigration authorities to make sure the file is acted upon, and to ensure a successful outcome. Having contacts in the immigration office is key.
  • Approval - We notify the client that they have been approved.
  • Passport sealing - The visa is stamped on the passport. This must be done within 1 month of approval.
  • Application for residence card - Once the applicant has travelled to Spain, the residence card is requested at the local police station.
  • Collection of residence card - 1 to 2 weeks later.


The whole procedure takes from two to six months.

Contact us if you would like to get more information.

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