Self Employed Work and Residence Permit

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does the process take?

    Currently, the authorities are granting work and residency permits in periods varying between 4 and 8 months. This depends on the province where the application is filed, the number of applicants and the time of the year when the application is submitted (very little activity takes place during August).

  2. What are your fees?

    A description of the services offered and our fees can be found in our Fees page.

  3. What happens if I do not start the business straight after the authorities have approved my application?

    It is a fact of life that you may not find the right commercial premise, that your family takes a while to settle and find themselves comfortable, that you are waiting to import a certain product which is not readily available, that you have applied for a municipal business licence and the Town hall is processing it, and many more. All of these are normal incidences when starting a business, especially in a different country and with (for many of you) a different language. Such factors are duly considered normal. This will therefore enable considerable flexibility around any commitment to a start up time. However, the authorities will want that you start contributing to the social security short after obtaining your application, as proof of your commitment to your side of the deal. Social security payments are are currently fixed at 215 Euros per month, and are paid by business operators, professionals and self employed traders, Spanish and foreign alike. We will advise you on when you need to start and how to go about it. Moreover, the benefits derived from Social Security payments are considerable, encompassing a wide range of essential cover, family protection and lifestyle privileges. Please refer to our Social Security Benefits Pack.

  4. Will I be able to attain Spanish nationality once I have my residency?

    For the purpose of being eligible for Spanish nationality by residency in Spanish territory, the applicant will have to prove the following:

    1. Generally 10 years of uninterrupted residency unless being in one of the situation below.
    2. Five years of uninterrupted residency for refugees or asylum seekers.
    3. Two years of uninterrupted residency for nationals of South American countries, Andorra, Phillipines, Guinea Ecuatorial, Portugal or members of the sephardic community.
    4. One year of uninterrupted residency for:
      1. A person born in Spain
      2. The adopted person who did not exercise the right to apply for nationality
      3. A person subject to guardianship, custody or care by a Spanish citizen or institution for 2 consecutive years.
      4. A person who at the time of application had been married for at least 1 year to a Spanish citizen and was not separated.
      5. A widow or widower of a Spanish citizen , if at the time of application no separation procedure was pending.
      6. A person born outside Spain of a mother or father who were originally Spanish nationals.

    In all cases residency will have to be legal, uninterrupted and previous to the application.

  5. Are foreign investors treated differently from Spanish citizens, from a tax point of view?

    No! There is not one tax law article, clause or provision which differentiates Spaniards from foreigners, or makes any of them pay more by reason of nationality. The Spanish tax law system is based on the notion of ´residency for tax purposes´, which entitles residents to avail of a more favourable tax regime, regardless of the passport they hold.

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